Why in Barcelona? 

At the universities of Barcelona and in several disciplines, departments and research groups there are dozens of researchers who engaged in Discourse Studies (DS), more than at other universities in Spain and even more than in most European universities.

Until now these researchers participated in several networks and research groups, but were not organized collectively to promote Discourse Studies in Barcelona, to provide information on projects, research and postgraduate studies, to share resources and publications or to announce conferences, congresses and other activities.

The Centre of Discourse Studies (Centro de Estudios del Discurso: CED) has been founded as a (virtual) organization  to achieve these objectives. Due to the large number and the quality of researchers, journals, networks, projects and publications, the universities of Barcelona have become a very important national and international centre for DS. The CED represents this special prominence of discourse studies in Barcelona for its unique inter-university and multidisciplinary cooperation in all disciplines of humanities and social sciences.

In recent decades, Discourse Studies have developed as a trans-discipline uniting disciplines such as linguistics, literature, history, social and cognitive psychology, communication and journalism, sociology, anthropology and education . In Barcelona, DS are represented in all those disciplines. The CED is the centre for the organization of, and information about, these teaching and research activities.

The CED and its website www.discurs.org not only want to function as a center of information and cooperation in  Discourse Studies for students and researchers who are currently studying and working in Barcelona, but also inform and attract new students (especially from Spain and Latin America)  interested in graduate study with a discursive and multidisciplinary perspective.

In short, with the CED, Barcelona is becoming even more attractive as a city to do Discourse Studies.