Frequently Asked Questions 

How to apply for graduate programs in Barcelona?
Are foreign degrees recognized?

APPLICATIONS. Applications for graduate study should be send to the respective graduate program directors. See the websites of the various MA programs in Barcelona (and the list of these programs elsewhere on this site). See also the information for international students on the websites of the UPF, UAB, and UB.

ADMISSION CRITERIA. In general international students, especially from the European Union, with the equivalent of a bachelor degree (licenciatura, now simply called 'grado' or 'degree') are admitted to graduate studies in Spain. However, they may be required to do some extra coursework if they apply for a Master degree in a different discipline than their undergraduate studies. Admission to doctoral study (currently only consisting of writing a PhD thesis) is based on a previous Master's degree and presenting a detailed PhD project (to be defended before a committee) after provisional admission to the program. Also in this case extra (MA) coursework may be required from students with an MA degree in a different discipline than that of the doctorate they apply for. 

DEGREE RECOGNITION. Official recognition of foreign degrees by awarding an equivalent Spanish degree (a procedure called "homologation") may be required in order to be able to exercise specific professions (e.g. in medicine, law, etc.). This procudure is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC), and may take many months, if not years. Also in this case, additional coursework may be required in order to obtain 'homologation' of one's foreign degree(s).

General for Spain(MEC)

For more detailed information, see the regulations of the universities:

Pompeu Fabra University

Autonomous University of Barcelona

University of Barcelona

Courses are taught in what language?

Graduate courses in Barcelona are mostly taught in Spanish but often also in Catalan, and only some in English. Previous knowledge of Spanish is essential -- whereas at least passive knowledge of Catalan can be acquired relatively quickly on the basis of previous knowledge of Spanish. Learning Catalan during one's stay in Barcelona is highly appreciated (there are many free language courses), and crucial if one wants to find a job in Catalunya. Since much of the scholarly literature used in MA programs is in English, at least good reading knowledge of English is required.

Costs? Scholarships?

In general the Spanish universities have very few scholarships for graduate students.  Foreign students are generally supposed to have a scholarship in their own country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEC-AECID) or an international organizationl (Fundación Ford, Fundación Carolina. See as well the website  Universia and the information about scholarships in Autonomous University website and in the website of the university of Barcelona

Also the universities of Barcelona have few scholarships for graduate students. Sometimes, especially for students from Latin America, high graduate enrollment fees (about 6000 euros) may be waved. Students from the European Union generally pay the same as students in Spain -- that is, relatively little (about 1200 euros) compared to other MA studies in Europe.

For more information about scholarships:

Pompeu Fabra University

Autonomous University of  Barcelona

University of Barcelona