For links to websites, blogs, discussion lists and so on you can check the following resources:

The Linguist List
The Linguist List is without doubt the major information source for linguists on the internet. Read by thousands, it offers information about homepages of institutes, conferences and linguists, e-mail addresses of linguists, job offers, and much more. It features papers, debates, book reviews, and much more.

DISCOURS: The Discourse Studies List
"DISCOURS is an interdisciplinary forum for scholars from diverse fields to discuss discourse theory and practice from a wide range of perspectives." To date, this list is the only general forum for the study of discourse on the internet.

The Critics-L is an interdisciplinary forum for debate for all those actively engaged in the critical study of discourse, language and communication. Scholars working and publishing in this perspective, as well as PhD students who prepare a thesis in the area of critical discourse analysis, are welcome to request access to the list by filling in this form.For further information, please write to vandijk at

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    Language & Capitalism
    New online journal with many articles in critical discourse studies.

    Ethno/CA News: E-mail discussion lists
    The most prominent website for information, discussion lists, resources and people in Conversation Analysis.

    Text Semiotics
    Useful page with many references to associations, journals, publications, etc in textual semiotics.

    Systemic Page
    Website of Systemic-Functional Grammar/Linguistics, one of the linguistic theories most applied by (linguistic) discourse analysts. See also Information for Systemic-Functional Linguists.

    Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST) Website
    RST is a theory of discourse coherence defined in terms of functional relations between discourse units. The website provides introductions to RST in English, French and Spanish, bibliographies, sample analyses and other resourced.

    Discussion forum for linguistic anthropology.

    Página argentina de Estudios del Discurso, con un enlace a la revista de internet

    Otra página argentina de Estudios del Discurso.

    Publicación periódica del Centro di Ricerca Semiotica “Ferruccio Rossi-Landi” (CRS), del Istituto Italoargentino di Ricerca Sociale “Antonio Gramsci” (IIRS) dependiente del Istituto Italiano di Ricerca Sociale de Roma y del Institut Européen de Recherche Sociale de Bruselas en colaboración con los institutos de investigación de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires y del CONICET de Argentina.

    Sociedad y Discurso
    Revista electrónica del Departamento de Español y Estudios Internationales, Instituto de Lenguas y Estudios Interculturales, Universidad de Aalborg, Dinamarca.